Dec 4, 2018

Juice fasting


hey friends,

my whole life i've felt very sick in my whole abdominal region especially in the last few years as my consciousness and self-awareness has increased. I've tried the whole food plant based diet but every time I eat cooked food, i feel very sick and just want to puke everything out that I just ate. I only feel good when i drink fruit and green juice or eat fruit like papayas and mangos. I've decided to start a juice fast and want to get some of your perspectives on juice fasting. I did a 24 day fast last year and felt the cleanest and healthiest I've ever felt in my life. Unfortunately i wasn't drinking enough and was losing weight very fast and decided to end it. However, intuitively i felt i needed to keep going to completely eliminate the sick feeling in my stomach, so i plan to go all the way this time. Any thoughts or suggestions? I appreciate you all <3

Dec 5, 2018

Do what feels right! Seems like you're able to read your body well enough. I've done 21 days on juice and felt mostly great. Definitely a bit weaker, but that should be expected and didn't bother me knowing it was only temporary, as everything in life is anyway. Just don't let that 'clean' feeling go to your head and turn into an eating disorder. You want to get back to solid food eventually, and if it still makes you sick after a good amount of time on juice, water, or whatever, then you may have some issues a doctor or proper nutritionist should be helping with. Or maybe you're one of those few who can thrive on fully raw. Never know until you give it a go!

Dec 6, 2018

Thank you for the insight my friend. I’ve watched a lot of John rose videos too and that has me thinking I may have some shit he Talks about that I need to flush out. But i Don’t know I’ll try this juice fast and see what happens. If I don’t get healed I’m for sure going to see a doctor. and yeah definitely looking forward to eat solid food again

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